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Photo of Patrick Baumann

Patrick Baumann

In 2003, Patrick Baumann became only the third secretary general since 1932 of the International Basketball Federation, the governing body of basketball around the world. Baumann loved basketball, experiencing an almost childlike wonder whenever he managed to interrupt his busy schedule to catch a game. A native of Switzerland, his background as a player, coach, and referee gave him insight that guided and influenced his business sense as he worked to make basketball the world’s most popular sport. His was a labor of love, the friendly and approachable Baumann always smiling, always listening, and always learning. Baumann joined FIBA as a lawyer in 1994 and began working closely with secretary general Boris Stankovic. Baumann brought a fresh perspective, embraced change and technology, and helped modernize the business side of sport. Baumann’s legacy continues to shape the game through his implementation of FIBA’s Competition System and his support and promotion of 3x3 basketball.




August 05, 1967 Basel, CH


October 13, 2018

Contributor Stats

2003 Elevated to Secretary General of FIBA
3v3 Proponent of the 3v3 Model