Tom "Satch" Sanders

Thomas “Satch” Sanders was one of the great defensive forwards in basketball. A Helms Foundation First Team All-America at NYU, Satch adapted to his new surroundings with the Boston Celtics by sacrificing his offensive skill set to contribute on the defensive end. Night after night Celtics coach Red Auerbach assigned Sanders the unenviable task of stopping the opponent’s top offensive threat. Satch handled the dirty work guarding the likes of Pettit, DeBusschere, and Baylor. The eight-time world champion finished his playing career in 1973 after 13 professional seasons, all with the Boston Celtics. He stayed in New England taking the reins of the basketball program at Harvard University for four seasons before returning to the Celtics, first as an assistant coach and then briefly as a head coach. Sanders soon traded the sidelines for a desk job founding a number of player programs to give NBA players the tools to be successful in basketball and in life. He introduced initiatives for young players and veterans alike, helping superstar athletes understand and appreciate their status as role models, leaders, and celebrities.