Naismith Coaches Circle

    Honoring the First Coach

    The Naismith Coaches Circle has been created to honor the First Coach, Dr. James Naismith and to pay tribute to the core values he taught – Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Physical Fitness, Leadership, and Integrity. These principles are the foundation by which young men and women play the game and conduct their lives – on and off the court.

    The Coaches Circle Program has been created by the Basketball Hall of Fame to recognize those coaches that have impacted their communities, players, other coaches, and society in a positive manner.

    Far too often, these incredible stories are left untold. The stories of the mentor-coach relationship; the story of compassion coaches have for their players; the story of a coach impacting a community. Now these stories and so many more will be made available through the Naismith Coaches Circle Program.







    Current participants to the Naismith Coaches Circle program who continue to inspire on and off the court:

    Alford%2C Steve.jpg

    Steve Alford


    Dana Altman


    Auriemma%2C Geno.jpg

    Geno Auriemma


    Boeheim%2C Jim.jpg

    Jim Boeheim


    Brey%2C Mike.jpg

    Mike Brey


    Brown%2C Larry.jpg

    Larry Brown


    Calhoun%2C Jim.jpg

    Jim Calhoun


    Calipari%2C John.jpg

    John Calipari


    Carlisle%2C Rick.jpg

    Rick Carlisle


    Dixon%2C Jamie.jpg

    Jamie Dixon


    Donovan%2C Billy.jpg

    Billy Donovan


    Mark Few

    Leonard Hamilton

    Paul Hewitt


    Huggins%2C Bob.jpg

    Bob Huggins


    Izzo%2C Tom.jpg

    Tom Izzo


    Kruger%2C Lon.jpg

    Lon Kruger


    Krzyzweski%2C Mike.jpg

    Mike Krzyzewski


    Majerle%2C Dan.jpg

    Dan Majerle

    Sean Miller


    Raveling%2C George.jpg

    George Raveling


    Ryan%2C Bo.jpg

    Bo Ryan


    Self%2C Bill.jpg

    Bill Self

    C. Vivian Stringer


    Thompson%2C John.jpg

    John Thompson, Jr.


    Williams%2C Roy.jpg

    Roy Williams


    Wright%2C Jay.jpg

    Jay Wright

    Courtyard Unveiling Ceremony


    The Statue of James Naismith is unveiled as part of the Coaches Circle at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.


    Jim Naismith, grandson of Dr. James Naismith, sits on the Coaches Circle Statue, during the unveiling ceremony.


    2015 BHOF Induction Ceremonies-655.jpg

    Coach John Calipari, Hall of Fame Class of 2015 and Naismith Coaches Circle participant, unveils his bench dedication for the first time.

    For more information or to participate in the Naismith Coaches Circle program, please contact Scott Zuffelato, the Hall of Fame’s Vice President of Philanthropy, at (413) 231-5506 or by email: ScottZ@hoophall.com.