Richie Guerin

Richie Guerin was a six-time NBA All-Star whose all-around game made him one of the toughest of his era. Guerin was in fact tough, his moxie and sheer will on display every night in the Garden. A great player at Iona, Guerin spent most of his career in New York with the Gaels and then the Knicks. He eventually landed in St. Louis playing for the Hawks where he was a player-coach and even won Coach of the Year honors in 1968. Guerin led the Knicks in scoring and assists for four straight seasons. His career highs of 57 points and 21 assists stood for more than 50 years. The Knicks languished in those years, but Guerin was the toast of the town. New Yorkers loved him for his blue-collar style and never-say-die attitude.