Robert L. "Bob" Pettit

Lean, graceful, and always well-conditioned, Bob Pettit's physical build made him one of the first big men to play facing the basket. But Pettit's resolve set him apart from his peers; he simply would not be outworked by his competitors. Although he was a three-time All-SEC center with an average of 27.8 points per game throughout his college career, many were skeptical that Pettit could transition to the rough-and-tough NBA. Despite his slender build, Pettit was still the Milwaukee Hawks first draft choice in 1954, and spent his 11-year career entirely with the organization. He was named Rookie of the Year in 1955 and was awarded his first of two MVP awards in 1956. As a mark of true consistency, Pettit played in 11 straight All Star Games, was named All Star Game MVP more times than any player in history, and guided the Hawks to the 1958 NBA championship. When Pettit retired in 1965, he was the league's highest scorer (20,880) and second highest rebounder (12,849).