Alexander M. "Alex" Hannum

Alex Hannum had the uncanny ability to transform floundering teams into contenders. Hannum was the first coach in history to win both an NBA and ABA championship, his first NBA title coming with the St. Louis Hawks in 1958 and the ABA title coming with the Oakland Oaks in 1969. A solid player for Hall of Fame coach Sam Barry at the University of Southern California, in the National Basketball League, and the NBA, Hannum began his coaching career as a player-coach for the St. Louis Hawks during the 1956-57 season. The Hawks reached the NBA Finals that season, losing to the Celtics by just two points in the final game. The next year, Hannum began his first season as a full-time head coach and redeemed the Finals loss to those same Celtics. In 1967, he led the Philadelphia 76ers, considered one of the greatest teams in NBA history, to the NBA title. He coached the Oakland Oaks from last place to the ABA championship.