Marques O. Haynes

During most of his 40-plus-year career, Marques Haynes, one of the world's finest ballhandlers, flashed his style on the basketball court with the Harlem Globetrotters and the Harlem Magicians. Haynes starred as a collegian at Langston University where he was a four-time All-State, All-Conference, and team MVP selection. He led Langston in scoring all four years and posted a 112-3 record, a mark that included a 59-game winning streak. With the Globetrotters and the Magicians, Haynes became an international superstar and basketball entertainer. Haynes played in more than 12,000 games, traveled more than four million miles, and captivated fans in 97 countries around the globe. His dribbling style confused and confounded opponents and became one of the Globetrotters most potent offensive weapons. The crowd loved his antics and when Haynes went down on one knee or slid across the floor keeping his dribble alive, he left the fans begging for more.