Roger Brown

Roger Brown spent his entire professional career in the off-beat ABA. “The Rajah” was known for his quick first step and his great one-on-one moves. Those moves made him one of the greatest one-on-one players in basketball – the Man with a Thousand Moves. Brown almost missed his opportunity to play pro ball due to a gambling scandal that he was never involved in, but guilty by association. He played at the University of Dayton but shaking his past was difficult and he eventually left the game for a period of about 6 years. Redemption came with the upstart ABA and Brown was back on the right track. He helped the Indiana Pacers to three ABA championships, earning MVP honors in 1970. Brown was at his best during crunch time. The Pacers best play in the closing moments of games was give the ball to Roger and get the hell out of the way. Opponents knew what was coming too, but that big first step devastated defenders and his jumper was accurate from 20 feet out.