R. William Jones

The always-dapper Renato William Jones was a staunch advocate of international basketball and worldwide competition. In 1932, Jones, known as R. William or simply William Jones, teamed with Dr. Elmer Berry to create the International Amateur Basketball Federation (FIBA), the global organization that governs all international basketball competitions. From 1932 through 1976, as the first general secretary of FIBA, his efforts helped spread basketball to more than 130 nations through games and clinics. Organizing all international basketball tournaments since 1936, including the Olympic Games and the men’s and women’s European and World championships, Jones determined the eligibility of every international team in both Eastern and Western hemispheres. Dr. Jones, whose honorary doctorate came from Springfield College, was the first international person to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The William Jones Cup held in Taiwan since 1977 is named in his honor.