Nat Holman

From 1920 to 1930, Nat Holman was one of basketball's most accurate shooters, and an exceptional ball-handler. The best all-around player of the Roaring Twenties, Holman came into the spotlight by leading Germantown to the 1921 Eastern League title. Playing the majority of his career with the world famous Original Celtics, Holman's extraordinary skills - a deft passer, a great scorer, and brilliant floor leader - were innovative for the era, and helped make the Celtics virtually unbeatable. Because of his creative style, Holman turned the pivot play and the man-to-man defensive switch into widespread techniques. While barnstorming with the Celtics, Holman also coached at City College of New York and basketball really was his life. In 1950, CCNY, who would play a tough brand of basketball known as the "City Game," became the first and only college team in history to win both the NCAA and NIT tournaments in the same season.