Max "Marty" Friedman

After beginning his basketball career with the University Settlement House Metropolitan AAU champions, Marty Friedman embarked on a 17-year professional career in 1910. Friedman played in almost every league in the East. In 1921, he hit the hardwood with the New York Whirlwinds, one of the greatest pro teams in history. In the World Championship series, Friedman held Celtics shooting star and future Hall of Famer Johnny Beckman to one field goal as the Whirlwinds defeated the Original Celtics, 40-27. The Celtics won the second game, 26-24, but officials were afraid that the excitable and unruly crowds would lose control and the deciding third game was never played. When World War I began, Friedman promoted basketball internationally. He organized a 600-team tournament in France, which prompted the Inter-Allied Games, a forerunner to the World Championships and Olympic recognition. Friedman completed his illustrious career as captain and coach of the Cleveland Rosenblums from 1923 to 1927.