Isiah L. Thomas

Isiah Thomas ranks as one of the best small guards in basketball history. At only 6-foot-1, Thomas was known for his ability to attack the basket without fear against any opponent, big or small. He played the game with a certain amount of flair, and never shied away from the game’s biggest moments. His calm, collected demeanor masked an intense desire to win. And winning became his calling card. An All-America at Indiana University, Thomas led the Hoosiers to a 47-17 record and a national championship in only two seasons. He ranked in the top ten in both steals and assists his first professional season and led the league in assists in only his fourth season. He averaged better than 20 points per game for five consecutive seasons starting in 1982. Thomas brought prominence back to Detroit, making the Pistons one of the league’s elite teams. He led the Pistons to consecutive championships in 1989 and 1990 and was named MVP of the Finals in 1990. The undisputed leader of the “Bad Boys,” he played in 12 All Star games and was named MVP in 1984 and 1986.