Robert M. "Bob" Knight

Bob Knight is a legend among coaches. His teams performed much like him – disciplined, tough, smart, focused, and tenacious. His success was based partly on his ability to instill quality fundamentals in his players. His motion offense demanded a firm grasp of some of the game’s most basic ideas. Knight's hard-nosed approach reaped huge benefits including 11 Big Ten Conference titles, five Final Fours, and a 32-0 undefeated season in 1976. Knight first played at Ohio State under Hall of Fame coach Fred Taylor. His coaching appointment to West Point made him the youngest varsity coach in college history at age 24.In 1971, Knight moved to Indiana University. Changing the nature of play from run-and-gun to ball control, he turned Big Ten games into intense and hard-fought affairs. In 1984, Knight became one of only three coaches to win the triple crown with an NCAA title, an NIT title, and an Olympic gold medal. Knight was intense at all times and demanded nothing less than all-out effort from his players. In 2008, at Texas Tech University, Knight won the 900th game of his career shortly before he retired.