Charles H. "Chuck" Taylor

In the summer of 1921, Chuck Taylor hobbled into a Chicago Converse sales office complaining of sore feet and persuaded executives to create a shoe especially for basketball. Taylor, who was a two-time All-State selection at Columbus High School and a journeyman jump shooter for eleven professional seasons, was an entrepreneur and involved in all facets of basketball promotion. In 1932, Converse added Taylor's signature to its trademark five-pronged star shoe, and sent its new basketball ambassador on the road to promote the sneaker. In addition to promoting the Converse basketball sneaker, Taylor also pursued his goal of building players, coaches, and spectator interest in the game of basketball by conducting clinics and demonstrations throughout the country. Initially, “Chucks” were only available in high or low canvas in either black or white, and sold only in sporting goods stores. Converse All-Stars became the best-selling basketball shoe in history making Chuck Taylor’s name a household word.