Chet Walker

Chet “the Jet” Walker, was known to be durable and dedicated to the game. Fighting adversity, Walker earned a basketball scholarship to Bradley University where he broke records and was an All American forward. Walker was one of the best open court forwards in the league with his power and force. During his 13-year career he appeared in over 1,000 contests never missing more than six games in any season. Each season of Walker’s career his team was in the playoffs, and he was never absent from one playoff game. Walker averaged 18.2 points in the regular season and post season, his contribution to his team was invaluable. Walker always excelled at drawing the foul where he was more than likely to make the shot with a career average of .796. In 1967, Walker was on the team and one the leaders to bring the 76ers to their championship. The seven time NBA All-Star never ran short of playing a stellar game, always consistent and committed.