Arthur L. Trester

Leading basketball administrator and native of Pecksburg, Indiana, Arthur Trester was the driving force behind the Indiana High School Athletic Association. Under Trester’s direction, the IHSAA became a model organization and the force behind “Hoosier Hysteria” in Indiana. The Indiana High School Athletic Association was in fact one of the finest scholastic organizations in the country during the time of Trester. Served as Commissioner of the Indiana High School Athletic Association from 1929 to 1944 and as its permanent secretary from 1913 to 1929. A strict disciplinarian, coach and referee, Trester also had strong personal integrity, a personal commitment to the game of basketball, and demonstrated an efficiency not often seen in governing organizations. Prior to joining the Indiana High School Athletic Association, Trester served as the superintendent for three Indiana city school systems. Called the “Czar” of Indiana high school athletics, Trester’s engaging personality helped high school basketball flourish on a national level.