Andy Phillip

Captain and floor general of the "Whiz Kids" of Illinois during their glory years, Andy Phillip was considered one of the early game's best playmakers. A fierce competitor, Phillip played his best in the big games. Ranking among the nation's top collegiate players, Phillip led Illinois to Big Ten championships in 1942 and 1943, as well as an undefeated season in 1943. Known for his quick hands and adept passing ability, Phillip played for the Chicago Stags, the Philadelphia Warriors, Fort Wayne Pistons, and Boston Celtics during his eleven pro seasons. In 1952, he became the first player in NBA history to register more than 500 assists in a single season. Phillip led the NBA in assists for two seasons and consistently ranked in the top five in that category. He recorded 3,759 for his career, a very high number in those days. In 1957, the steady playmaker helped lead the Boston Celtics to their first championship.