Friday, June 23, 2017

Springfield, MA – In honor of the 45th Anniversary of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, a groundbreaking federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in educational programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance, here are some quotes from members of the Basketball Hall of Fame that describe the impact of the law on their life and the game.


Sylvia Hatchell ‘13

“Celebrating 45 years of Title IX, the most impactful, influential and significant ruling thus far in the world of women in sports.  However, we need a renewed commitment of Title IX for our future women athletes and coaches.”

Dawn Staley ‘13

“Without Title IX, I may not have been given the opportunity to attend college and to play the game of basketball on all levels.  Looking back on how much the disparity has decreased, I know that because of Title IX we have a level playing field for female student athletes.  Additionally, a result of Title IX we have more women entering the work force, becoming leaders and helping to shape the direction of our Country.”

Teresa Edwards ‘11

"As an athlete title IX truly expanded opportunities and paved my way but it was born out of a concerning effort deeper than the sports we play. Can you imagine where women would be without it today! 

"Birch didn't stand to watch women lean, Birch ran so girls could rise and women could live out their dreams!"

Van Chancellor ‘07

“Title IX gave me opportunities for myself and family that I could’ve never imagined.  Thinking it couldn’t get any better than being a college basketball coach; to coaching the Houston Comets in the WNBA and then of all things, (I’d never would’ve dreamed possible) traveling the world and coaching the U.S. Olympic team to a gold medal in the birthplace of the Olympics, Athens Greece.   None of that would have been possible without Title IX.  That being said, Title IX’s impact on women’s athletics and the opportunities that it has provided for female athletes and coaches is immeasurable.  It helped to grow the game of women’s basketball to incredible heights to where we’ve now had a successful pro league in America for 20 plus years and the college game has never been bigger.  We are regularly on TV as well as other women’s sports.  Our female athletes are now more visible to the world.  And most importantly, it has helped provide the necessary means through the years, to provide female athletes with the access and ability to achieve their athletic dreams and goals!”

Jody Conradt ‘98

"If it were not for Title IX, I would not have had the opportunities that I've had, which have been really special. Growing up, I never envisioned that I could coach, because all of my coaches were men. The opportunity that I got right around the time that Title IX became a federal law not only changed my life, but it became my inspiration to ensure other women have the same opportunity to do the things that they are passionate about. Title IX encompasses all kinds of different professions, not just athletics. Because of that, women no longer have limitations. The only limitation is their own imagination and dreams about what they can achieve."

Nancy Lieberman ‘96

“Title IX is the single most important law that women and girls in sports have had over the last 45 years. It's given us the courage to play and to gain education through the power of sports. I'm very proud to be a Title IX baby and would not have had the opportunities in life without it.”

Annie Meyers ‘93

“Title IX gave me the opportunity to be the first woman to get an Athletic Scholarship to UCLA playing the game I love, basketball. To represent my country in the Olympics, play for my University, to play Pro, and to still be a part of the game as a Broadcaster and Executive.”

Sheryl Swoopes ‘16

“It is because of Title IX and all of those who fought for equality for women that we all have the opportunities that we have today. Thank you to all of those strong and courageous women. We are forever indebted to you. Happy Anniversary Title IX!”

Cynthia Cooper-Dyke ‘10

“Everything I am and everything I've achieved I owe to our pioneers and above all Title IX! Thank you for giving an inner city kid an opportunity to SOAR!”


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