Patrick Ewing

In a city famous for its skyscrapers, Patrick Ewing was a towering figure in New York sports for fifteen memorable seasons. The 7-foot, 240-pound center was a force at Georgetown University where he led the Hoyas to three Final Fours and the 1984 NCAA national championship. He was named Final Four Most Outstanding Player that same year. Ewing used a powerful combination of defense, rebounding, shot-blocking, and scoring to do battle with formidable opponents inside the paint. The Ewing arsenal included a smooth baseline jumper that frustrated shot-blockers and thrilled fans. His tremendous skill set led to more than 24,000 points and 11,000 rebounds in the pros, two trips to the NBA Finals with the New York Knicks, and two Olympic gold medals. Playing in an era full of talented big men, Ewing's heart and determination set him apart from his contemporaries. He leaves a legacy as one of the most consistent and effective centers in basketball history.