Julius W. Erving

Julius Erving could jump, run, shoot, score, dunk, play defense, rebound, and fill arena seats everywhere he played. "Dr. J's" game of in-your-face hoops appealed to everyone and he made the game cool to play and fun to watch. During his 16 scintillating seasons in both the ABA and NBA, Erving redefined the forward position. Opponents knew where Dr. J was going, but getting there to stop his offensive assault was another matter. Playing above the rim, Erving popularized taking flight as he danced through the air. His style and grace both on and off the court led many to call him an American treasure. A two-time ABA Most Valuable Player, Erving led the New York Nets to two ABA championships. In 1976, Erving moved to the NBA and became a Philadelphia 76er. In 1983, he teamed with Moses Malone to lead the 76ers to the NBA championship. His unique athleticism coupled with his star power made Dr. J a household name worldwide.