John K. "Jack" Twyman

 Jack Twyman's single-minded work ethic and dedication made him one of the best pure-shooting and high-scoring forwards in the NBA's first two decades. During high school, the gymnasium at Pittsburgh Central Catholic was Twyman's second home. He practiced diligently every day, shooting 100 foul and 200 jump shots and between 100 to 150 set shots each session. His diligence paid off when he made the team in his senior year. Twyman continued to cultivate his skills while at the University of Cincinnati, where he scored 1,598 points and finished his career as Cincinnati’s all-time scoring leader. In the NBA, he played his entire 11-year era with Rochester/Cincinnati and averaged 31.2 points per game in 1960, a career high for the gifted scorer. In 1958, Twyman became the legal guardian of paralyzed teammate Maurice Stokes and assisted in providing for Stokes’ care throughout the rest of his life.