Robert P. "Fuzzy" Vandivier

Captain and the most prominent member of “The Franklin Wonder Five,” Indiana’s Franklin High School’s legendary team, Robert “Fuzzy” Vandivier was a great offensive player who possessed a fine outside shot and could thread a needle with his pinpoint passes. During the early 1920’s, Vandivier and his teams recorded winning seasons of 29-1, 29-4, and 31-4, and captured what was at the time an unparalleled three consecutive Hoosier state championships. Fuzzy, a forward, distinguished himself by being selected All-State in 1920, 1921, and 1922. The Wonder Five’s brilliance on the hardwood bonded the teammates and in an unusual display of unity, the quintet stayed together to continue their legacy at nearby Franklin College. Fuzzy captained at Franklin for two seasons and was an All-Midwest College All-Star in 1926. A painful back ailment forced Vandivier to quit playing in his senior year, ending the team’s magical run.