Elgin Baylor

Basketball purists sum up Elgin Baylor's game with one word: unstoppable. Baylor was an innovative offensive force never before seen. The 6-foot-5 Baylor possessed tremendous body control and could suspend himself in air, causing many to say he was "the man with a thousand moves." With his slashing drives to the hoop and his springboard-like jump shots, he dominated his opponents. He had a strong first step, and he used it creatively. Baylor was the first athlete to play above the rim, paving the way for future leapers like Connie Hawkins, Julius Erving, and Michael Jordan. On November 15, 1960, Baylor became the first player in NBA history to break the 70-point barrier when he torched the New York Knicks for 71 points. Baylor, who teamed with Jerry West to form one of the most-feared scoring duos in the NBA, was named All-NBA First Team ten times.