Earl Strom

The moment Earl Strom made his first call in 1957 he elevated his profession with his sound judgment, integrity, and love for the game. Whether Strom was calling a charge on the visiting team to the roar of approval from the hometown crowd, or he was waving off a game-winning shot to the jeers and boos from the fans, Strom never hesitated to call the game the way he saw it. His flamboyant style and keen ability to control the game with his whistle earned him the nickname “The Pied Piper.” Strom's reputation for fairness over a 32-year career earned him the respect and admiration of coaches, players, and fellow officials. He never held a grudge no matter how intense the confrontation and his ability to adjust to game situations on the fly separated him from his peers. He was a throwback referee, colorful and flashy with a candid approach to a line of work that often times demanded just that.