Jacques Dominique Wilkins

In the pantheon of basketball’s greatest dunkers, Dominique Wilkins deserves mention alongside such legends as Elgin Baylor, Connie Hawkins, and the great Julius Erving. Wilkins was a high flyer who electrified fans with his trademark windmill dunk and all-out effort. Whether going through someone or over someone, the “Human Highlight Film” as he came to be known was an artist with grace, power, and purpose. His style battles fought above the rim with Michael Jordan were epic and left crowds begging for more. Drafted out of Georgia by the Utah Jazz in 1982, Wilkins spent the majority of his career with the Atlanta Hawks where he remains the franchise’s all-time scoring and steals leader. In only his second season in the NBA, Wilkins began a streak of 11 consecutive seasons in which he averaged more than 20 points per game. During the 1985-86 season, Wilkins led the NBA in scoring with a 30.3 points per game average further solidifying his status as one of the game’s all-time scoring greats.