Dino Radja

A two-time Olympic silver medalist, Dino Radja first made a name for himself and his native Croatia in 1989. Playing for the up-and-coming Jugoplastika team of Split, Croatia, Radja and his countrymen gave Croatian basketball a shot in the arm by winning the 1989 European Champions Cup. Jugoplastika went on to win three EuroLeague championships in a row starting in 1989. Radja, standing nearly seven feet, was the prototype for the modern power forward. He was equally adept at backing down a smaller defender and scoring inside, or taking a taller defender off the dribble and playing a face-up perimeter game. He rebounded in traffic and even led the fast break handing out assists with style – behind-the-back and through-the-legs passes just part of his repertoire. In 1992, Radja teamed with Drazen Petrovic and Toni Kukoc to lead Croatia to the silver medal in Barcelona. Radja averaged a team-high 6.9 rebounds per game and nearly 17 points per contest.