Darell Garretson

As a person who paved the way for modern NBA officiating, Darell Garretson started his career as a referee in the high school and college ranks before joining the NBA in 1967. Garretson spent 27 years blowing the whistle and during that time he officiated more than 2,000 NBA games including 41 NBA Finals games and five NBA All-Star games. Serving as the NBA Chief of Officiating Staff from 1981-1998, Garretson spearheaded changes being made to the league’s officiating and introduced the concept of “refereeing the defense,” the method whereby officials watch the defensive player rather than the basketball. He was instrumental in starting the first union for NBA referees, implementing the three-man officiating crew, and training new referees. Garretson was a fair and impartial judge on the court, traits that endeared him to players and coaches alike.