Daniel "Danny" Biasone

The legacy of Danny Biasone and his impact on the game of basketball might best be measured in 24 seconds. Biasone, the founder and owner of the NBA’s Syracuse Nationals, came up with the idea of the 24-second shot clock in 1954 and quickly convinced NBA brass that the clock was the key to speeding up the game. The clock was based on the logic that teams averaged 60 shots per game. Given that the players could use the entire time to shoot, Biasone figured teams might still average 60 shots per game, but play a faster and more exciting brand of basketball. The year prior to the shot clock, NBA teams averaged 79.5 points a game. With the implementation of the new device, teams averaged 93.1 points a game and the number of field goals attempted climbed from 75.4 to 86.4. Speeding up the game meant more than just higher scores. Fan interest soared and the NBA was on its way to better days. Biasone owned the Syracuse Nationals from1946 to 1963 and won the NBA championship in 1955.