Bertha F. Teague

Known as “Mrs. Basketball of Oklahoma,” coach Bertha Teague held the record for most wins at the girl's high school level until 1991. During her 42 years (1927 to 1969) coaching at Byng High School in Ada, Oklahoma, Teague compiled an astonishing 1,157-115 record, a .910 winning percentage. Teague's teams competed in 22 regional, 38 conference, and 40 district tournaments. Byng won eight Oklahoma state titles during her tenure. From 1936 to 1939, her teams won 98 consecutive games.  Like many leading coaches, Bertha Teague never played the game she so successfully mastered. But few coaches in any sport match up to Bertha Teague's coaching success or dedication. Teague authored Basketball for Girls, one of the most respected early manuals on women’s basketball. Several of her players went on to play professionally at a time when women were largely limited to roles like a housewife, hairdresser, stenographer, or nurse.