Welcome to the Big Y Ticket Zone


Tickets can be ordered online for each day via the button below:



Tickets can also be ordered via phone at (413) 231-5513 during business hours Monday through Friday.


Ticket Pricing

  • Single Day Tickets:
    • Thursday: $10
    • Friday: $25
    • Saturday, Session 1: $25
    • Saturday, Session 2: $25
    • Sunday, Session 1: $25
    • Sunday, Session 2: $25
    • Monday: $25
  • All-Sessions Pass: $125
  • NEW: Courtside Seats: $100 per session, plus food vouchers


Ticket Details

  • Save $2 at the door with your Big Y Silver Savings card, while supplies last.
  • Children under the age of 5 are free.
  • Each ticket is valid for all games played during that day or session.
  • Ticket holders for Session 1 on Saturday and/or Sunday are not granted entry into Session 2 for that day without a valid ticket for Session 2. Ticket holders for Session 2 on Saturday and/or Sunday are not granted entry into Session 1 for that day without a valid ticket for Session 1.
  • Blake Arena will be cleared following the conclusion of Session 1 on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Ticket holders for Session 2 will still be asked to vacate the building.
  • No Re-Entry for any given session

By purchasing tickets to this event, you are agreeing to the following release:

As noted by the CDC, complete isolation from the virus is not possible. The Basketball Hall of Fame and Springfield College cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19, nor can they promise that guests will not contract COVID-19 while attending this event. Each guest acknowledges through their attendance at the event that they have been informed that this event is not risk-free, that it is possible that they may contract COVID-19 or other communicable diseases as a result of their presence at the venue, and that each guest freely chooses to attend this event with awareness of all associated risks, and will follow all required safety protocols while at the event. Failure to follow safety protocols may result in dismissal from the event.