Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 1:00pm

Sandra Neil Wallace Book Signing

Sandra began her career as a reporter and anchor for network news before becoming a sports announcer with ESPN.  Following her career on television, Sandra followed her true passion and began writing.  After her succesful launch of "Little Joe" and "Muckers", Sandra dove into her first biography titled "Babe Conquers the World".  In honor of Women's History Month, "Babe Conquers the World" will release on March 1 and will tell the story of the greatest woman athlete ever to live.  Babe Didrikson Zaharias was determined to be the best–and she was. She never gave in and never gave up. Her rise in the sports world was legendary and awe-inspiring, but she was also driven and determined off the fields, battling poverty, loneliness, prejudice, and finally, cancer. Above all else, Babe was a fighter. “Acclaimed novelists and sportswriters Sandra Neil Wallace and Rich Wallace show readers the many sides of this greatest woman athlete, filling her intimate biography with newspaper accounts, personal letters, photos, and interviews with people who knew her.”  Come join Sandra Neil Wallace in the Hall of Fame Museum Store as she signs copies of her new release, "Babe Conquers the World".  Along with signing copies of her book, Sandra will host to brief discussion sessions at 1:30pm and 2:30 pm to talk about her new release.  For more information on "Babe Conquers the World" or on Sandra Neil Wallace, please visit her website at


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