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Black History Month: Basketball Hall of Fame is Proud to Support “On the Shoulders of Giants”

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is proud to support Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his film entitled On the Shoulders of Giants. This documentary honors the legacy of a group of basketball pioneers that have paved the way for so many of today’s athletes. This amazing story illustrates the struggle during the time of the Harlem Renaissance, for many greats such as West Indies native, Bob Douglas. Douglas’ and his team the Harlem Rens experienced extreme racism and through it all, their unwavering determination prevailed.

The story of the greatest team you have never heard of was made as a labor of love; the documentary is compiled of archival footage, innovative 3D graphics and reenactments, along with interviews with celebrities and sports legends. We need your support as we tell the story of young men, who remind us that we are all standing On the Shoulders of Giants. The documentary will premiere tonight on Showtime at 8:30p.m. And is also available for purchase at http://store.kareemabduljabbar.com/.

“It’s easy to say that a film like this should be shown to schoolchildren and budding athletes—as it should—but I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t respond to such a fascinating topic, presented in such appealing fashion. If this reads like a rave review, it’s because On the Shoulders of Giants knocked me out. I hope it finds the audience it so richly deserves.”
—Leonard Maltin, Film Critic

“On the Shoulders of Giants (is) one of the most inspirational, entertaining and enlightening sports documentaries I’ve ever seen.”
—Richard Roeper, Film Critic Chicago Sun-Times