Meadowlark Lemon

Enshrined 2003
Wilmington, NC
April 25, 1932 - December 27, 2015


Few athletes in any sport have impacted their sport on a worldwide level more than Meadowlark Lemon. Perhaps the most well-known and beloved member of the Harlem Globetrotters, Lemon played in more than 16,000 games - 7,500 consecutively - for the Globetrotters in a career that began in 1954 and lasted until 1978. Known as the "Clown Prince of Basketball," Lemon's favored "can't miss" halfcourt hookshot and comedic routines entertained millions of fans in more than 70 countries around the globe. As a basketball performer, Lemon's goal was always the same - entertainment, laughter and fun. Lemon, who has performed before Popes and Presidents, also played with the Bucketeers (1980-83), Shooting Stars (1984-87) and the Meadowlark Lemon Harlem All-Stars (1988-98). He played 50 games for the Globetrotters in 1994. In 2000 he received the Basketball Hall of Fame's John Bunn Award for lifetime contributions to the sport.

Career Highlights

Member of Globetrotters organization that earned the John Bunn award, 1998
Member of Globetrotters organization that was enshrined as a team, 2002
Played in more than 16,000 games
Known as the "Clown Prince of Basketball"