John Beckman

Enshrined 1973
New York, NY
October 22, 1895 - June 22, 1968


In his 28 years on the courts, John Beckman, considered the "Babe Ruth of Basketball," was basketball's premier attraction. With a gritty playing style and a near-perfect, free-throw ability, the 5-foot-10 Beckman could always electrify the crowd. Although he never played college ball, Beckman developed his skills in a wide variety of early professional leagues. He led Patterson to the 1916 Inter-State League title, and repeated the feat with the Bridgeport Blue Ribbons the following year. In 1920, he was the leading scorer in the Pennsylvania State League, taking the Nanticoke Nans to the championship. Beckman signed with the Original Celtics, became one of that team's leading scorers, and helped the squad to the 1922 Eastern League title. When the Celtics folded, Beckman finished his career with several different teams, and won the 1929 American Basketball League Championship with the Cleveland Rosenblums. Although an excellent individual scorer, Beckman was known as one of the best men to play with because of his devotion to teamwork, passing, and team defense.

Career Highlights

Played professionally from 1911 to 1930 in eight different leagues
Played with the Original Celtics, 1918-19, 1921-27, 1929
Championships with Patterson, Bridgeport, Nanticoke, and the Original Celtics
Known as "The Iron Man" of pro basketball