Harry E. "Buddy" Jeannette

Enshrined 1994
St. Mary's, PA
July 20, 1930 - May 9, 2009


From 1938 to 1948, Buddy Jeannette was professional basketball's top backcourt player. One of basketball's early pioneers, his dexterous passing, clutch shooting, hard-nosed defense, and all-around play-making earned him four MVP awards. Playing professionally in three different professional leagues -- the NBL, ABL, and the BAA--Jeannette won five championships, in Sheboygan (1943), Fort Wayne (1944, 1945), and Baltimore (1947, 1948). In 1947 he was the first-ever player-coach to win a professional championship with the Baltimore Bullets of the ABL, repeating the accomplishment the following year with the Bullets in the BAA. An outstanding four-year player at Washington & Jefferson, Jeannette was named an honorable mention All-America. Upon retirement from playing in 1950, Buddy continued to coach in the NBA, ABA, and Eastern League, and collegiately at Georgetown University.

Career Highlights

World Professional Tournament Championship with Detroit Eagles, 1941
World Professional Tournament MVP, 1941, 1945
All-NBL First-Team, 1941, 1944-46
All-BAA Second-Team, 1942