George H. Hoyt

Enshrined 1961
South Boston, MA
August 9, 1883 - November 11, 1962


George Hoyt was famous for saying, "Basketball is a game of science, not brute strength." A champion in developing a uniform set of rules and procedures, "Mr. Basketball" was known as New England's foremost basketball referee. For 34 years, Hoyt's talents were in demand. A tireless worker, he would often officiate two games a day at both the high school and college level. His style allowed a more open kind of play to develop; this prevented defensive holding and allowed more offensive flow. Hoyt authored The Theory and Practice of Basketball Officiating, a classic textbook that discussed many officiating distinctions, including the difference between Eastern and Western referees.

Career Highlights

Founded Eastern Massachusetts Board of Approved Basketball Officials
Founded New England Interscholastic Basketball Tournament
Served as chief of officials for the Eastern Massachusetts High School Tournament
Refereed high school and college games