George E. Keogan

Enshrined 1961
Minnesota Lake, MN
March 8, 1890 - February 17, 1943


Innovative and visionary, George Keogan's style of basketball featured the shifting man-to-man defense and strong pivot play. After ten successful years coaching at five different colleges, Keogan came to Notre Dame in 1923 and quickly put his stamp on the basketball program. In 20 seasons as coach of the Fighting Irish, Keogan won 77 percent of his games. At a time when basketball was not highly regarded at Notre Dame, Keogan molded winning teams every year. An ardent student of strategy and technique, Keogan's success as the Fighting Irish's basketball coach rivaled those made by the football team under Knute Rockne. Basketball lost a great man when Keogan died suddenly at the age of 53. His greatest player, Hall of Famer Edward "Moose" Krause, was named his successor.

Career Highlights

Coached at six different colleges
Never had a losing season at Notre Dame in 20 years
Coached Notre Dame to the Helms Foundation National titles, 1927, 1936
Promoted the use of the pivot play and man-to-man defense