Edward S. "Ed" Steitz

Enshrined 1984
Brooklyn, NY
November 7, 1920 - May 21, 1990


Recognized worldwide as the leading authority on amateur basketball rules, Ed Steitz promoted rule changes that made the game faster, more exciting, and higher scoring. As secretary, editor, and national interpreter of the NCAA Men's Basketball Rules Committee from 1965 to 1990, he fought for significant rules changes to better college basketball. Steitz coached here in Springfield at Springfield College for ten seasons and served as the school's director of athletics from 1956 to 1990. Founder of ABAUSA Basketball (now USA Basketball), Steitz conducted over 1,000 rules clinics worldwide and served as chairman of the U.S. Olympic Selection Committee from 1964 to 1980.

Career Highlights

Instrumental in the reinstatement of the dunk, 1976
Eliminated jump ball with the exception of the start of the game and overtime, 1981
Advocate of the 45-second shot clock and three-point shot, 1985
NIT Selection Committee, 1962-1968