Edgar A. "Ed" Diddle

Enshrined 1972
Gradyville, KY
March 12, 1895 - January 2, 1970


As coach at Western Kentucky for 42 seasons, Edgar Diddle would wave, toss, and chew a red towel along the bench. Although Diddle often used the towel to cover his face in displeasure, because his career was enormously successful, that didn't happen very often. From 1922 to 1964, the down-home, easy-going, and likeable Diddle won 759 of 1,061 games at Western Kentucky, the fourth winningest total in history. He was also the first coach in history to coach 1,000 games at one school. A pioneer of fast break offense, Diddle had only five losing seasons in 42 years, winning 20 games or more every season but one. Diddle's teams won or shared 31 conference titles and competed in three NCAA and eight NIT tournaments.

Career Highlights

First coach in NCAA history to coach 1,000 games at one school
Led Western Kentucky to three NCAA and eight NIT tournament appearances
Won 32 conference titles in three separate conferences
Pioneer of fast break basketball