Cheryl Miller

Enshrined 1995
Riverside, CA
Born: January 3, 1964


Cheryl Miller took women's basketball off the court and put it into the air in the same way Julius Erving did for men's basketball. With tremendous grace and athletic dexterity, Miller established a legacy throughout her high school and college career that is unchallenged. Playing for Riverside (CA) Polytechnic High School, Miller set the single game record of 105 pts. in a 1982 game against Notre Vista High School. As a collegiate forward at Southern California (USC) from 1982-86, Miller helped bring women's basketball to the forefront of American sports. Her superior athletics and engaging persona placed her among the elite in the world of college and professional athletics. In 1986, Sports Illustrated named Miller as the best male or female player in college basketball. In a spectacular career, Miller scored 3,018 total career points and was a four-time All-America. Miller was named Naismith Player of the Year three times and earned the Wade Trophy once.

Career Highlights

NCAA Championship with Southern California, 1983, 1984
NCAA tournament MVP, 1983
Naismith Player of the Year, 1984-86
Olympic Gold Medal, 1984