Education and Outreach Initiatives

The Hall of Fame’s educational programs reach youth across the nation in a number of ways and with a variety of different programs. Basketball is the perfect catalyst to teach in an entertaining, fun way that engages youth. The Basketball Hall of Fame has created a number of educational activities that connect the game of basketball with important areas of study like Math, Science, Geography, Social Studies, Language Arts, History and Health.

MVP’s of Character 

Thousands of youth have participated in the Hall of Fame’s MVP’s of Character program since its inception. The MVP’s of Character program is held during the school year in Springfield, Massachusetts. It has also found it’s way to major cities, like Washington, DC, Lawrence, Kansas and New York City to name a few. It could even come to your city.

Teaching youth about good character – both on and off the court – helps them understand the impact of it in their lives. Making good ethical decisions is the basis for discussion with the many guest speakers who have participated in the program. Character traits like honesty, respect, responsibility, integrity and cooperation create a foundation for success.

Education Mission at the Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame’s mission about education is to  capture the attention and imagination of youth via their love and interest in basketball while providing learning tools and inspirational messages that teach in a fun and active learning environment.

At the Basketball Hall of Fame, we:

  • Enhance students’ understanding of good character by promoting proven traits that will help them make good ethical decisions and lead them on a path to success
  • Inspire youth with stories of basketball celebrities who represent the traits of character that responsible and successful citizens would emulate
  • Educate youth to understand the relationship between self-discipline, athletic achievement, good moral character, and how they impact academic achievement
  • Apply useful life-skills education across a variety of subjects


The Fastbreak program allows the Basketball Hall of Fame to apply useful life-skills education across a variety of subjects.

Fastbreak Curriculum is targeted to grades K-12 and provides learning opportunities for students in core subject areas. Basketball serves as a focal point for a variety of activities to help students better observe, interpret, evaluate and analyze the skills necessary for developing reflective and critical thinking.

The Fastbreak program consists of lesson plans in the area of Math, Science, Geography, Social Studies, Language Arts, History and Health.

Activities include:

Crunching The Numbers

Explore math concepts such as statistics, measurement, and graphing.

Objects in Motion

Incorporates physics to explain the physical properties of basketball.

Around the World of Basketball

Map skills are put to the test when locating international teams and players from around the globe.

Scavenger Hunt

Explore the relationship of cause and effect as students hunt through the museum finding answers to basketball related questions.

Basketball’s Elite

Practice vocabulary and critical writing skills as students prepare a report ona famous player in the sport.

Basketball and Its Glorious Past

Use a timeline to put historical basketball events in chronological order.

Team Building 

Work cooperatively to gather information at the Hall of Fame to later answer a series of open-ended questions relating to teamwork.

Team Up Rally

When the MVP’s of Character program travels outside of Springfield, Massachusetts, it usually teams up with a basketball clinic. The combination of a basketball clinic and the MVP’s of Character speaking program is the perfect setting to educate in a fun and entertaining way. Civic organizations like the local Boys and Girls Clubs, basketball camps in universities and summer league programs are just a few of the groups that would benefit from a Team Up Rally.

Financial Literacy

This last decade has given some firsts to a generation of teens as they prepare for college or to enter the workforce. Checking accounts, credit cards and cell phones allow freedoms to teens their parents didn’t experience, but without proper education about how to use them and the consequences of misuse, it can cause problems that will take a very long time to resolve. The Hall’s Financial Literacy program provides basic knowledge about proper use in a game format.

For those familiar with the hit television show “Jeopardy”, the Hall’s financial literacy program allows students (target groups include juniors and seniors in high school) to experience “Jeopardy” with the focus subject on personal finance. Those participating in the “Jeopardy” style game have already concluded a curriculum designed with educating youth about handling their personal finances. It is an energetic, exciting and fun way to learn.

Special Exhibits Gallery

The uniqueness of this gallery is the opportunity is provides the Hall of Fame to house temporary exhibits which entertain and educate visitors to Springfield. In addition, it is a beautiful room which serves a dual purpose – 1) housing special exhibits at the Hall of Fame; and 2) converts to a function room for business or social gatherings.

A number of special exhibits have been exhibited at the Hall of Fame, including but not limited to the Berlin Olympics of 1936, the World Golf Association (featuring the  Women’s Game, President’s Game, 100 years of Golf), and “Something All our Own”, Grant Hill’s collection of African American art.